Testimonies of why people come to Calvary Assembly of God


Ever since I began attending Calvary my life has taken such a tremendous turn around all to the glory of God.

What a warm, loving and open environment and people, who I am so happy to say are my extended family. I think you know you have found a home in church when you find yourself saying, "I miss it. When is the next time we can go?"  Well, that's exactly how I feel about Calvary in Springfield. I consider Calvary to be my home and the people to be my family. You always feel welcome by the smiles on everyone's faces.

As a new Christian, there is always something new to learn each and every service and bible study.  And I can say that Calvary has so lovingly embraced my two girls as they grow in their walk with Christ.

Lauren B., Roselle Park


We attended a number of other churches before we made Calvary our home church.  What attracted us the most to Calvary is the high degree of spirituality that is exhibited by its leadership and its members.  The church is based on strong biblical and moral principles, which are not compromised to conform to the demands of today's society.  We truly enjoy the worship services at Calvary, and it's been indeed a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful congregation. 

Another reason why we love Calvary is the international flavor of the church.  At Calvary, you can find brothers and sisters from all over the world praising and worshiping God together in peace and in perfect harmony.  Although we may be from different cultures and backgrounds, there is one goal that unifies us all at Calvary, which is to seek the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Pierre and Sandra J., Cranford


My favorite part of Calvary is Sunday School.  I love it because it is a time to fellowship with other ladies my age (high school and college and beyond).  Topics that are pertinent to us are addressed practically, especially concerning how to serve God in everyday life, how to find Godly friends for edification, how to treat authorities and using their wisdom to make decisions, relationships, and great tips on being a Godly single (or married) woman.  We get honest, Bible-based teaching that really helps us grow in the Word!  Hooray for Sunday School :)


Rachel S., Short Hills



Ten years ago, my son brought me to Calvary Assembly of God.  All my life I had been raised in the Catholic faith, attended Catholic schools and raised my own two children the same way.

From that first service so long ago, my eyes and ears began to really open up to God's Word.  My life truly became God-driven through all that was revealed in God's Word, through this simple church's preaching, Bible studies, and a very close family of believers.

I was accepted and loved, and I truly believe that prayer and the family community of Calvary has me seeking God's face with a burning desire every day of my life.

Michelle A., Roselle Park


I love Calvary for the home it has become to me.  I love Calvary for the way it helps me express my faith.  The worship songs speak to my inner core, often it brings tears to my eyes.  They help me bring to the surface what I wanted to say, how I wanted to praise my Lord God and my savior Jesus Christ, my redeemer, my healer, my problem solver, my provider, my strength, my all in all, my everything.

I love Calvary for the lessons I learn every week from the pastors and teachers.  Most often it applies directly to my life, to what is happening to me, to how I deal with my personal and professional life, to my relationship with my husband, my friends, my family, my kids, my office mates, my boss.  I still have a lot to learn and I look forward to each week. 

I love Calvary for the people that I meet there every time, from its leadership to all its staff, to the missionaries, to the teachers, to everyone.  On Wednesday and Sunday when I attend service, my kids know where to go and I have this feeling of security that they are in good hands.

I can attentively listen to the sermons and the lessons and I know my kids are learning at the same time.   The teachers unselfish dedication to help children know Christ is very heart warming.  The testimonies I hear are a special source of strength and inspiration. 

MaryAnn Q., Union


Ours is a congregation that looks like the tapestry that is the Body of Christ worldwide.  We literally have native sons from many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean (as well as traditional Americans).  It's a privilege to stand together with brothers and sisters who hail from around the earth.  It's a snapshot of the diversity and unity that co-exist beautifully when Christ is at the center. 

Bernadette V., Union


When my late wife and I came to Calvary some years ago, after being at a church I helped establish for 30 years, we were welcomed with open arms. The love and friendship was "REAL". 

When my wife got ill and then went home to Jesus, the arms of love were wrapped even tighter around us and then, me.  Calvary is a place where the worship is great, and the teaching is "right on". The full Gospel is presented without any compromise. 

There is something for most everybody. Calvary embodies what a church should be!

Arthur F., Cranford


First and foremost I love the warmth I feel when I enter.  I feel so welcome.

The praise and worship time is wonderful.  Most of all, the presence of the Holy Spirit is so touching to me.  Calvary has helped me out of the pits of a drug-induced hell.  Calvary was always there to pull me out and I'm grateful for that.  I have a beautiful wife and two precious boys.  I give all the glory to Jesus and how He has used this church.

James F., Kenilworth 


Currently we drive about 30 minutes to come to Calvary every Sunday and Friday…why?   The reasons are simple.  Calvary has a faithful and caring pastoral staff.  They always welcome you with a smile and a greeting.  They care about our needs and desires no matter how small we may think they are.  They are always ready to listen and pray for your needs.

We have made several friends of all ages at Calvary and really enjoy spending time with them.  Finally, Calvary is rooted on the Word of God and teaches just that.  The teachings are directly from the Bible and are good for everyday life.  The sermons and lessons that are taught strive to not only make you a better Christian but also a better person.

Dave and Becky R., Pompton Plains


My pastors are never judging but always loving.  The teachings are realistic and easy to comprehend.  I could go on, but I don't want to write a book.  My Calvary family encouraged and still encourages me to fulfill God's will in my life.

Leah A., Roselle Park


I love Calvary because the Word of God is preached to the full.  Nothing is sugar-coated.  It is a church where you are welcome.  It has seen me through hard times and good times.

I travel a long way here because I am fed, and I understand the preaching that comes from the Word of God.

Irma C., Whiting


Because the Bible is taught and Jesus is the center.  I love the variety of songs that are song, some old hymns and some contemporary.  I love that many different cultures attend.  I love our Sunday School class where you have opportunity to ask questions about the Bible.  I love the atmosphere when we are worshipping together and the unity is felt.  And I love the corny jokes the Pastor tells.  He is funny.

 Debra N., Elizabeth


Music, teaching and love.  There are times I laugh and at the same time I cry.  Both emotions are important that draw us closer to the Savior of my soul, Jesus my Messiah and Lord.  Spiritual food that fills up my soul and keeps me satisfied all week.  God's anointing is in the place.

 Madeline C., Watchung


Worship, Prayer, Reading the Word, and Fellowship.

Everard W., Newark, NJ


I thank God for what He's done in my life. I searched for a church for many years. Finally I am home. Calvary is a church of family and closeness. I always dreamed of a church like this. God has made it a reality for me. It's a church full of such diversity of cultures. God created us like so. God has blessed us with such leaders full of His wisdom. Thank God.

Jackie G., Roselle Park, NJ


We love Calvary because it is a good Bible Study Church. It's also has a Sunday School for all ages. It teaches the children to learn more about God. The Bible says: we should train our children in Gods ways so that when they grow they will not depart from it. We have attended a lot of churches but we notice that Calvary Assembly of God is a place where your child can grow in a Godly way.

 Johnson and Joyce A., Union


Once inside Calvary we found a spiritual glow that continues to spread its warmth in our lives. Calvary is an unpretentious place where the focus is on exalting God, seeking His Face, revering His Word and experiencing His Promises to us.

 At Calvary, we are encouraged to live for Christ everywhere and to warm the lives of others who need spiritual direction, material support or emotional encouragement.  We are truly blessed to be part of this fellowship.

 Nii & Noura L., Union


The uncompromised teaching and interpretation of God's Word.  The genuine feeling of warmth, love and concern from pastor, his wife and members.

Margo D., Vauxhall


I know that Calvary is exactly where I need to be. I graduated from college over a year ago and was part of a great Christian organization there that was really influential to my faith. When I left college, I missed the constant fellowship I had with other Christians, the weekly Bible Studies, and the spiritual direction.

Calvary eased me through the transition of leaving college. I feel like I'm really part of a community again and that's why I love Calvary. I also love that the congregation includes people of all ages from different backgrounds. What an amazing snapshot of the Kingdom of God! The very best part about Calvary, though, is the teaching. Calvary's teaching is based on the true Word of God and it really challenges me to grow more.

Astrid R., Lyndhurst


"I once was lost, but now I'm found." I was five foot nine and one hundred twenty six pounds when was drawn to Calvary Assembly of God. I was addicted to Heroin, Cocaine, and Barbiturates all at the same time; any one of which can kill you immediately. Before that, no one could help me: no law enforcement, detox, rehab, family, neighbors, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, neighborhood watch, or behavior modification succeeded. It was the love and healing of the Father in Jesus Name; communicated from the Word of God that I found to be successful at Calvary. Calvary IS, of God.

Male, Roselle Park


My family and I love Calvary because from the moment we walked into this church we could sense the love of Christ, from the Pastor and his wife, down through the congregation.  We were searching for a church where the Word was preached with authority and integrity, and where we could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. We found several churches like that in the area, but none thatalso had the love of Christ like Calvary does.  We were greeted with enthusiasm, and felt included right away.  My daughters are loved and accepted, and they have been made to feel comfortable. And they are learning so much about God!  My entire family has been so blessed by being here!

Donna D., Maplewood 


I love Calvary for it has been faithful to preach the good news of Jesus. Each time we come helps us grow in the grace of God. I also love Calvary because there are so many different cultures that gather together in unity. Don’t miss the blessed message that comes from the pulpit!

Bob H., Cranford


To see, and hear the important educational programs for different age groups, is extremely valuable. It is of infinite value to young minds to get the truth from very learned Christian leaders. That investment in a young persons education will reap dividends in that young persons whole life and all the lives he/she affects.

Mike P., Roselle Park