Words of Love For Your Wife

WMCA Radio Interview

Does Your Life Point to Christ?

DAD: Mr. Incredible

The Comforter has Come

When Christ Shall Come

Questions that Need to be Asked

Lightning Strikes Twice

Where's the Fruit?

I Love my Church 

So You're Dead - Now What?

Death - Part I

Hell - Part II

Heaven - Part III

Hearing the Voice of Fire

Are You Addicted?

One of Those Days

Developing a Powerful Testimony

Love and Marriage Series:

Love and Marriage Part I - Love

Love and Marriage Part II - Forgiveness

Love and Marriage Part III - Service

Love and Marriage - Part IV - Commitment

Your Adversary the Devil

The Power That You Need

Are You on Your Guard?

Page Two Sins

Ready for the Bible

In Search of a Kingdom

Achieving Great Gain

An Exciting Day

The Power of Communion

Are You Still Amazed Series:

Are You Still Amazed? - Forgiveness

Are You Still Amazed? - Healing

Are You Still Amazed? - Spirit Baptism

Are You Still Amazed? - Second Coming

Tres Amigos

An Impossible Task

In the Grip of Fear

The Bitter Pill

Facing Your Challenge

Cleaning Up Your Mess

Your Miracle is Coming

Who Lives in Your House?

Not Ashamed

The Long Road Home

Getting a New Life

Beware of the Hard Heart

The Secret to an Exciting Relationship

Kissed by the Spirit

Expect Jesus

Running the Race

Don't Be Forgetful

Make Me Bold

The Final Day

12 Step Program to Failure 

Men's Breakfast Small